Today is significant in the progress toward transition, as the new GPRC Vice-President Fairview, Marg McCuaig-Boyd, assumes the responsibility for overall leadership of the programs and services delivered on Fairview Campus. Ms. McCuaig-Boyd will be the key liaison between the Fairview and Grande Prairie campuses, and between Fairview Campus and its community.

The program mix and instructional expertise at the two campuses complement each other perfectly, together forming a truly comprehensive community institution. This merger is a result of the Roles and Mandates Framework announced by Alberta Advanced Education and Technology in 2008, which has established clear instructional and geographic stewardship areas for all of Alberta’s post-secondary institutions.

“The agriculture and trades programs at Fairview Campus will continue under the stewardship of GPRC, and we have every intention to expand learning opportunities on this campus,” says Don Gnatiuk, President and CEO of GPRC. “The career and university studies programs on campus in Grande Prairie will continue to be responsive to the needs of learners in our region. Together, we provide students with the whole range of post-secondary education options, from academic upgrading and skills training, through career programs and trades, right to the completion of several degrees already offered on our campuses and in our communities through collaborative agreements with Alberta universities – and there will be more!”

Communities are strengthened by opportunities in post-secondary education, resulting in a skilled and educated workforce with opportunities to pursue educational goals throughout life. “We know that students who learn here, stay here,” says Gnatiuk, which is benefits us all socially and economically.”
The coming months will be very busy as innumerable details are finalized to ensure a smooth transition, coordinating the processes of the two campuses in everything from facilities to student services and instruction.

The merger of Fairview Campus with Grande Prairie Regional College is a very exciting opportunity for our region as we combine our strengths and move forward into the limitless possibilities of our future together.

For more information please contact:

Don Gnatiuk, President and CEO
Grande Prairie Regional College