This conference is a unique opportunity to discuss issues and present current research related to geospatial activities in the arctic environment. This conference provides an opportunity to present results associated with the International Polar Year, environment and climate change monitoring and geographic analysis, geospatial standards and their application, and the construction of virtual collaborative networks including Arctic mapping and the virtual Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI).

Sessions are anticipated for the following themes with a focus on the development, publication, and application of interdisciplinary data for analysis and re-use in the arctic context:

  • Societal, cultural, and indigenous mapping of local and traditional knowledge
  • Imagery, remote sensing, and sensor networks for the arctic landscape
  • Virtual globes, geo-browsers, and spatio-temporal data exploration
  • Ocean data access and analysis
  • Natural resource assessment in the Arctic
  • Understanding and assessing changes on land and ice
  • Climate and atmospheric data, trends, and analysis
  • Forum on arctic mapping and the Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure
  • Issues and initiatives on arctic information access
  • Understanding geospatial standards and their application

For more information please visit the USGS website.