The North Slope Science Initiative is an intergovernmental effort to increase collaboration at the local, state, and federal levels to address the research, inventory, and monitoring needs as they relate to development activities and climate change on the North Slope of Alaska and the adjacent marine environment. The Science Technical Advisory Panel provides recommendations to the North Slope Science Initiative Oversight Group on proposed inventory, monitoring, and research needed to address data and information needs. The nomination period ends Monday, 30 March 2009.

Science Technical Advisory Panel member duties include:

  • Advise the Oversight Group on science planning and relevant inventory, monitoring, and research that address intergovernmental needs on the North Slope and marine environments;
  • Review selected reports to advise the Oversight Group on their content and relevance to the collaborative mission of the North Slope Science Initiative;
  • Review ongoing scientific programs of North Slope Science Initiative member organizations on the North Slope to promote methodology compatibility and data compilation;
  • Periodically review the North Slope Science Initiative Strategic Plan and recommend changes to the Oversight Group;
  • Provide recommendations for proposed collaborative efforts for inventory, monitoring, and research activities to the Oversight Group; and
  • Coordinate with groups and committees appointed or requested by the Oversight Group to provide science advice, as needed.

To make a nomination, or self nominate, submit a completed nomination form with a letter of reference that describes the nominee's qualifications to serve on the Science Technical Advisory Board. Nominees may be scientists and technical experts from diverse professions and interests, including the oil and gas industry, subsistence users, Alaska Native entities, conservation organizations, and academia. Nominees selected to serve on the Science Technical Advisory panel will serve only in their professional capacity and will not represent any group, agency or entity with whom they may be affiliated.

Membership of the panel shall consist of professionals with advanced degrees and a minimum of five years of work experience in Alaska in their field of expertise, preferably in the North Slope region. Members will be appointed for three year terms by the Secretary of the Interior.

Science Technical Advisory Panel members will serve without monetary compensation. Members will be reimbursed for travel and per diem expenses as appropriate.

To obtain nomination forms or for more information, please contact:

John Payne
Executive Director
North Slope Science Initiative, at 907-271-3431

The nomination deadline is Monday, 30 March 2009.