The programme is made up of already existing courses from the different faculties and is suitable for both international and Norwegian students.

"For example, the study is suitable for American, Canadian, European and Asian students. It is also ideal for Norwegian students who wish to complete an international Bachelor's degree, but who don't have the opportunity to go overseas," Head of the International Office, Monica Brobakk, said.

The study programme is a campus-based, interdisciplinary course consisting of subjects like Ecology, Scandinavian Politics, Biodiversity, Business and Communication in a cultural diversity.

"The High North has become a major area of commitment and there is a need to develop different qualifications within both political and business areas," BUC rector Pål Pedersen said.

The programme was presented to the Head of International Recruitment at the University of Winchester, David Street, at a recent meeting between the faculties and the International Office. "It is not only an interesting but also an important study programme. There is an integrity about it that I don't always see in new programmes. I can see how it sits comfortably in the academic life here and it really deserves to succeed," Street said.

Street has visited Bodø University College several times and values its collaboration with other universities. "Bodø heads in the right direction, because it has active international links to its partner universities and drives partnership in a way that other universities don't," Street said.

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