The UAF Field School is particularly suited to graduate and undergraduate students in archaeology, anthropology, history, ecology and related disciplines; but, applications are encouraged from people of all backgrounds. The only pre-requisite is an introductory archaeology course. Prospective students must be 16 years old or older and physically able to live and work in a remote wilderness area.

The Mead site is a multi-component site in central Alaska with four components dating from 14,000 to 1,400 years ago in deeply buried stratified contexts. The earliest component is thus among the earliest
in the New World. The site has remarkable organic preservation, similar to the nearby Broken Mammoth site. This year's excavation will be the first large-scale investigation of the site since its discovery.

To apply, you will need permission from the instructor. Please send Dr. Potter the following documents:

  1. Unofficial transcript (this can be a faxed printout or electronic document), and
  2. One academic reference (please ask the reference to email a brief letter of support).
Due to the overwhelming interest in this project, the following application schedule has been instituted:

  • Registration is open between 23 February 2009 and 4 May 2009.
  • Applications will be reviewed and acceptance decisions will be sent out after 30 March 2009. (Applications will continue to be accepted until the closing date on 4 May 2009).
For more information, please see visit the project website or contact Ben Potter.