The goal of the NSF Division of Arctic Sciences ( is to gain a better understanding of the Arctic's physical, biological, geological, chemical, social, and cultural processes and the interactions of ocean, land, atmosphere, biological, and human systems in the Arctic, and to support projects that contribute to the development of the next generation of researchers and scientific literacy for all ages through education, outreach, and broadening participation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
The Arctic Research Opportunities solicitation (NSF 10-503) provides investigators with information about available programs and priorities to determine the program best suited to their proposed work. The Proposal Preparation section (Section V.A.) has specific instructions for proposers conducting field work, including information about requesting logistics support or ship time, working with arctic communities, and complying with environmental policies that should be adhered to by all proposers.

Proposals should be written and planned in accordance with:

- NSF's Grant Proposal Guide
( and;

- the Principles for Conduct of Research in the Arctic (

The information about this solicitation is available on the NSF web site by clicking the 'Arctic Research Opportunities' link at:

The complete solicitation is available by searching for document number 'NSF10503' at:

Contact information for OPP/ARC Program Officers is available by clicking on the 'View ARC Staff' link in the left-hand column at:

The full proposal deadline is Thursday, 14 January 2010.