From: University World News
by Philip Fine
18 January 2009

For this special on research hotspots, University World News offers a cross-section of links to the goings-on of Northern researchers: from a comprehensive report card on the North to impressions of some artists hitching a ride on a research vessel.

There are also links to a consortium of arctic universities, a floating German laboratory of international researchers, a climate-change research clearinghouse, a site for social scientists interested in the North, and a report on Inuit observations.

* Arctic Report Card 2008

* Cape Farewell expedition to the Arctic of researchers and artists

* University of the Arctic, a cooperative network of universities, colleges, and other organisations committed to higher education and research in the North.

* Polarstern, a German research vessel that reports from the North.

* The International Arctic Research Center, a project that brings together research on climate change.

* The Northern Research Network, a grouping of researchers conducting work on the circumpolar North in the humanities and social sciences.

* Inuit Observations on Climate Change, at the International Institute for Sustainable Development.