A delegation of UArctic Strategic Area Leads, led by President Lars Kullerud, met with Sakha State University leadership to discuss future areas of cooperation as well as representitive of the Sakha Government. 

Sakha State University visit was hosted by Rector Alexeev and the institution's long term representative Claudia Fedorova, who also is the current Chair of the Council. At the Government of Sakha Republic, UArctic had discussion with the Vice Premier Yuriy Kupriyanov and Deputy Minister of Foreign Relations Vera Sidorova.

The visit continues with the leader group's internal meetings through the weekend, and meetings with other Sakha members on Monday.

Delegation of UArctic Strategic Area Leads
Lars Kullerud, President, Arendal
Outi Snellman, Deputy Director, Rovaniemi
Kari Laine, TNW Program Chair, Oulu
Kirsi Latola, TNW Program Coordinator, Oulu
Mona Johnson, north2north Program Cahir, Alta
Hayley Hesseln, Daen of UArctic Undergradueate Studies, Saskatchewan, Canada