stockholm universityBBCC is an externally funded long-term research program to foster collaboration across disciplines and departments in climate research at Stockholm University. Both projects involve scientists from the departments of Meteorology and of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology. The successful candidates will be encouraged to interact across all the departments involved in BBCC.

Position 1 (Reference Number: 617-0805-08): This project concerns understanding and modeling the role of the atmospheric planetary boundary layer coupled to land surface processes in the Arctic. A special focus will be on boundary-layer turbulence in stably stratified conditions and on land surface processes special to the Arctic. This includes frozen soil (permafrost) thawing and land-cover changes (e.g., changing vegetation coverage) in the Arctic. The work will be performed using process-, regional- and global-climate models.

Position 2 (Reference Number: 617-0806-08): This position concerns the Arctic Regional Climate Model Intercomparison (ARCMIP) program. The scope of ARCMIP is to improve Arctic climate modeling by improvement of regional models through coordinated model inter-comparison experiments. The focus is on simulating the pan-Arctic domain for the International Polar Year (IPY), with intensive observations carried out across the Arctic, in some cases for the whole two-year period and in others for more limited time periods. The successful applicant will run the BBCC contribution to ARCMIP, analyze the results from this model-run in detail, and also take charge of the joint analysis of all model results on some aspect of the simulations.

Applicants to either position should have a PhD in meteorology, atmospheric science or a related field. Experience in modeling, especially climate modeling, and an insight into the arctic environment are considered beneficial. The appointment is initially for one year and can be prolonged for an additional year. In addition to the scientific work, the successful applicant may also take part in other departmental
duties, such as teaching. The starting date of each position is expected to be as soon as possible.

Applications, citing the position reference number, should arrive no later than Thursday, 1 May 2008 at:
Stockholm University
SE-106 91 Stockholm

Applications may also be sent to the Registrar by fax: +46-8-163-866 or by email.

For further information, please contact:
Michael Tjernstrom
Phone: +46-8-163-110

Gunilla Svensson
Phone: +46-8-164-337

Peter Kuhry
Phone: +46-8-164-806

Gia Destouni
Phone: +46-8-164-785

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