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"Human Dimensions in the Circumpolar Arctic," an interdisciplinary IPY conference, will be held on 8-10 October 2008, in Umea, Sweden.
The conference theme should be understood in inclusive broad sense. The conference will pay particular attention to human life and conditions in the North in the past, the present, and the future. Questions to be addressed are how the situation in the North has been depicted in science, art, and literature, and how the possibilities for various kinds of social and economical developments have been understood at various times. Other important questions are how climate, ecology, and different types of resource use have influenced conditions for life in the North and the role of national and international politics for northern developments and conditions. A cultural program including theatre, music, and art will illustrate some of the cultural expressions of life in the North.
Conference themes include Indigenous peoples, gender dimensions, culture and science, resources and climate, and health and welfare. Other suggestions for sessions and themes are welcome. All themes focus on the human dimension of the Arctic and invite an interdisciplinary approach, combining scientific investigations with scholarly approaches such as historical studies or traditional knowledge.
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