Strzelecki, a PhD student in the Faculty of Geosciences at UAM Poznan in Poland, is currently researching on the conditions, course and the results of morphodynamic processes in polar coastal zones with a special consideration of permafrost and sea ice processes.
When asked how his experience as an IPY researcher will impact future polar researchers, Strzelecki resonded that:

“All my thinking about polar science has changed
during these amazing polar months. Today, I know
that the globalized world needs strong and precise
answers from the Arctic and Antarctic regions. In
the face of global challenges like increased global
warming, the rising gap between the richest and the
poorest, as well as the secularization of society, these
polar experiences help me in perseverance towards
independence and hope. IPY is an amazing point in
scientific, cultural, economic and social space and
time, which gives young researchers inspiration to
work twice as much.”