I was educated as a biologist at the University of Tromsø. I took parts of my Bachelor and Masters degree at UNIS, and my final thesis was concerning northern populations and ecosystems, with a focus on scavengers and especially red and arctic foxes.

I now work for The University Centre in Svalbard as a study counsellor (60%) and for IPY Norway (40%) – the secretariat for higher education during IPY, education and outreach.

I am now working for APECS/UArctic/UNIS and IPY Norway to make a Field School in Svalbard in 2009. Thus, I have a lot of hats to change between, but in some cases I can actually wear them all at the same time!

I am originally from the northern part of Norway, Bardu (close to Tromsø), but I have now been living in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, for 4 and a half years.

Besides my work I play in a bluegrass band, teach violin classes at the local school, dance once a week, do physical training and participate in several volunteer organizations such as hunting, red cross, and dancing in the local community. I also do the arctic fox survey in Svalbard every summer for The Norwegian Polar Institute and in addition some guiding for tourists in my spare time.

So as you may realize, I am a person who is mostly positive and eager to participate in things going on, hence I always have a lot to do! elise stromseng