Abstract Submission Deadline: 23 January 2009

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IAMAS, IAPSO and IACS invite the international atmospheric, oceanographic and cryospheric research community to MOCA-09, their Joint Assembly on "Our Warming Planet," to be held 19-29 July 2009, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. More details can be found at:

Organizers of session J02, "Polar Regional Weather and Climate Modelling (and Global Relevancy)," invite both numerical and observationally based contributions:

(i) enhancing our understanding of the physical processes regulating variability of environmental conditions (atmosphere, cryosphere, and
ocean) in the Polar Regions;
(ii) assessing models performance and their uncertainties using results of the Model Intercomparison Projects (MIPs);
(iii) developing new models and analytical approaches allowing more accurate reproduction of interaction in the system atmosphere-ice-ocean or identifying teleconnections showing role of the Polar regions in the global processes and vice-versa; and
(iv) improving parameterizations of the specific processes in the atmosphere, ice, or ocean.

Discussions associated with data assimilation and reconstructions and/or reanalysis of the climatic systems for the Arctic and Antarctic are welcomed as well. More details on the scope of this session can be found at: http://www.iamas-iapso-iacs-2009-montreal.ca/e/J02.shtml
The abstract submission deadline for this and all other sessions is 23 January 2009.

The abstract submission form and further details about the conference can be found at: