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Thomas L. White
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Permafrost Environmental Consulting Inc. announces the release of a twelve-volume book set and CD-ROM, "Contaminants in Permafrost and Freezing Ground Environmental Resource Library," by Thomas L. White. The Contaminated Arctic Soils Database provides engineers and geoscientists working in universities, research institutes, corporations, government and regulatory bodies with the tools necessary to carry out an in-depth examination of the behaviour of contaminants in freezing soils and permafrost-affected soils.

The Environmental Resource Library details the fundamental behaviour and modification of physical, chemical, and hydrological properties of freezing soils and permafrost-affected soils (Cryosols) by a wide range of organic and inorganic contaminants. The resource library provides the user with additional insights into:
- The thermodynamic properties of Arctic and Antarctic cold climate
- Contaminants at airports, oil and gas facilities, mining sites,
military sites, landfills and impoundments in cold climates;
- The nature of contaminant hydrology with case studies for
- Strategies for contaminated site management; and
- Technologies and remediation procedures.

For further information about the book set, and to purchase, please
Thomas L. White
Phone: 613-746-4422