1,1513Full/Associate Professor in Arctic Marine Invertebrate Ecology: The successful candidate will conduct research within the scope of the Department of Arctic Biology at UNIS and is expected to participate in the supervision of Masters and PhD students in cooperation with other universities. The candidate will also be responsible for one or two undergraduate or postgraduate courses. The field of expertise of all applicants will be evaluated in relation to the existing plans and research profiles of the department. The successful candidate is expected to take an active role in the advancement of his/her field of research.

Adjunct Associate/Full Professor (20%) in Microbiology: The successful candidate will have responsibility for two 300-level microbiology courses, 'Arctic Biology' and 'Flux of matter and energy from sea to land.' Both courses are in the process of being revised and the candidate is expected to play a significant role in course development.

Complete position descriptions, including required qualifications and application instructions, are available here.
Application Deadline: Thursday, 15 November 2007