80,2546The symposium represents a unique opportunity to provide a new generation of polar researchers with a common sense of history and purpose. Several internationally recognized polar experts, including veteran polar scientists who were actively engaged in the 1957–1958 IGY, will join the new scholars to share perspectives on the history and future of polar research. The setting will provide an open forum for discussions and interactions that should provide a lasting contribution to the IPY Legacy, and lead to new research directions advance science at the intersection of science and society. 
Selection of Participants:
Participants will be competitively selected by committee through a rigorous application process with the goal of identifying a diverse group of early career scientists who are likely to become part of the IPY legacy, just as David Keeling and others who were “early career” during the 1957/58 International Geophysical Year (IGY) went on to make major contributions to our understanding of the Earth system through polar research. 
Advanced students and Ph.D. graduates conducting research in the Arctic or Antarctic region during the IPY and who complete their degree between January 1, 2002 - March 31, 2009 are eligible to apply. Applicants must be conducting polar research during the IPY, but they do NOT need to be part of an IPY-approved project. 
105,2955Scholars from the full range of natural and social sciences are eligible. While the focus is on the US system with preference given for American citizens and U.S. residents, a few slots will be reserved for citizens of any country who are residing outside the US and demonstrate interests in working with U.S. researchers.
Application instructions can be found here.
For more details contact Susan Weiler or Sheldon Drobot
The NGPR is supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation's Office of Polar Programs through grant #ARC-0632324 to Whitman College, C.S. Weiler PI, and #ARC-0632312 to University of Colorado, Sheldon Drobot PI.
Application Deadline:  October 15, 2007