About 100 people came to the Arktikum's Polarium Auditorium to hear Prof. Korhola's lecture, entitled The Day After Tomorrow: Arktiksen lämpeneminen ja globaalit uhkakuvat, and which focussed on the impacts of climate change on water bodies in the North.
Prof. Korhola, a docent in hydrobiology and specialist in aquatic sciences, palaeolimnology, palaeoecology, and microfossil analysis, with particular expertise in cladocera analysis, is a member of the UArctic Thematic Network on Global Change in the Arctic.
The Thematic Network on Global Change in the Arctic aims at strengthening the delivery of higher education in all areas related to global change in the Arctic, both when it comes to physical processes, such as environmental change, as well as the knowledge of impacts, adaptation to change, and cultural consequences.
While in Rovaniemi, Prof. Korhola also took part in a meeting of the Arctic Graduate School (ARKTIS), in which he is involved as a scientific advisor.