Seven project partners from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Canada and Russia were invited to Basel to participate in the promotion of the project to students throughout the conference, which is a major event in European higher education.
The stand was part of an exhibition in which took part institutions and organisations from around the world and which participants of the conference's many events could visit to learn about international education opportunities.
The Erasmus Mundus GoNorth! stand was very successful and welcomed an estimated 600 visitors in four days. According to Astrid Elisabeth Revhaug, International Advisor at University of Tromsø's Department of Research and Academic Affairs, this success was partly due to a unique marketing item: a bowl of snowballs, made from white latex filled with rice.
"We very soon discovered that the big attraction was the bowl with the snowballs," she says. "It turned out to be a fabulous way of coming into contact with the visitors."
For her part, Olga Bakhireva, from Syktyvkar State University, one of the project partners present in Basel, thought the EAIE conference was an amazing opportunity for networking with people from all around the world. " It is a big international multilingual hive, where you feel like an alien for a couple of seconds, and than you start to like it. EAIE opens doors to a new understanding of what international relations are. It combines both formal and informal sides of intercommunication, giving people an opportunity to find new partners and get new friends."
The GoNorth! Erasmus Mundus Project is cooperation project of 12 University of the Arctic member institutions located in the high North and committed to enhancing the attractiveness of higher education in the Circumpolar North.
For more information about the GoNorth! Erasmus Mundus Project, visit the UArctic website.