Shared Voices Magazine 2019

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Table of Contents

  1. Letter from the President

    By Lars Kullerud

  2. Editorial

    By Outi Snellman

  3. New Realities for the Arctic: the Importance of Regional and Circumpolar Cooperation

    By Paula Lehtomäki

  4. Reconciliation and Education

    By Tosh Southwick

  5. What Impact Do We Seek by Funding UArctic?

    By Stine Djørup

  6. Establishing West Nordic Studies in the Land of Maybe

    By Lau Øfjord Blaxekjær

  7. Living in the Landscape

    By Irina Zemtsova

  8. New Alliances – While the Ice Is Melting. Interview with Guest Professor Lotten Gustafsson Reinius

    By Elisabet Idermark

  9. Creating Impact Through Collaboration Between Different Levels of Actors: Developing Arctic Maritime Safety Cooperation

    By Johanna Terva, Saila Heinikoski, Sari Lindblom, Päivi Mattila and Pasi Hario

  10. UArctic Annual Report for 2018

  11. Mon Projet Nordique / My Northern Project – Competition for PhD Students from Québec and the Nordics

    By Brigitte Bigué and Hélène Munger

  12. My Northern Project

    By Kirill Gurvich

  13. Northern Governance: Old Ideas, New Challenges

    By Gary N. Wilson

  14. Mobility Matters: Perspectives from Northern Tourism

    By Patrick Maher

  15. The Arctic as a Commercial Food Producing Region

    By David Natcher et al

  16. Arctic Indigenous Films in the Spotlight

    By Liisa Holmberg

  17. Column: Arctic Horror on the Big Screen

    By Liisa Holmberg

  18. Philosophical Perspectives to Arctic Sustainable Development and the Role of Universities

    By Mauri Ylä-Kotola

  19. Education and Training Needs for Arctic Indigenous Peoples: Outcomes of the Permanent Participant Panel at UArctic Congress 2018

    By Arctic Council Indigenous Peoples’ Secretariat

  20. Modeling Inclusion and Gender Equality: Our UArctic Opportunity

    By Melody Brown Burkins

  21. Making Gender Equality Plan A in the Arctic

    By Malgorzata (Gosia) Smieszek and Tahnee Prior

  22. Student Profiles