Potential partners include:

  • Publishers & research analytics providers,
  • National and international policy-makers,
  • Funding and science data agencies,
  • Corporations

The expert group is working with all major global publishers and leaders in research analytics, relevant to Arctic science research output in order to deliver pilot results for the annual Rectors' Forum meetings of UArctic as well as Arctic Council ministerial meetings. The Task Force is interested in partnerships aimed at finding viable methodological solutions as they relate to the key Arctic research issues in order to build the basis for improved analytical outputs on Arctic science in the future. Areas of interest include:

  • Language-related underrepresentation challenges
  • Arctic place names
  • Researcher IDs/tags,
  • Research affiliations
  • Definitions of Arctic research
  • Visualization of Arctic research outputs in various dimensions

The results of the Task Force work will lead to improved knowledge on Arctic research that will influence institutional, national and international research strategies and has great potential to stimulate improved cooperation and increased quality of Arctic research.

Task Force partners will gain high visibility towards a large set of research institutions, as well as major global research players, in an area of high symbolic value, without giving away opportunities for business in their key business areas.

Current Partners

For partnership or research projects inquiries, please contact us at analytics@uarctic.org