The UArctic leadership believes that global research community, the annual UArctic Rectors Forum, and national leaders of the Arctic Council and Observer states and relevant policy- makers in science and education will benefit from UArctic Science & Research Analytics Institute collaboration with leading publishers, research funders, and holders of quantitative data on Arctic research.

The mandate of the Task Force will include the following activities:

  • Regularly and collaboratively analyze UArctic members activities, engagements & cooperation
  • Identify centres of excellence in the UArctic university network
  • Identify and foster international collaborations between various subject-specific Thematic Networks among the member universities
  • Serve as an advisory expert body on Arctic data research analytics development
  • Liaise with global data and information providers in order to improve the representation and visibility of Arctic research in  global indexed research output
  • Create and publish subject-specific Analytic Reports for the UArctic network, as well as its individual member universities and interested industry players working in the Arctic Council countries
  • Publish and dissiminate knowledge in the form of articles and working papers related to the findings of the Task Force analytic work
  • Partner with global publishers and analytic tools providers to provide fact-based insights for the Arctic research community and Arctic Council member and observer states and their policy makers about Arctic education, collaboration, researcher mobility, science & technology trends and collaboration gaps, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Collaborate with institutions, funding bodies on creating research projects on Arctic research data mining; including development, in partnership with appropriate third parties, visualization tools and web-portals, benefiting Arctic research and science community.