The work of a diverse group of authors; researchers, scholars, artists and educators from Canada, Finland, Norway, Russia (Komi, Yakutia, Khanty-Masky), UK and USA (Alaska) is presented in this book. The shared focus is encapsulated in the title of this volume, the seventh in the Relate North series: Tradition and Innovation in Art and Design Education. The multifaceted notions of ‘tradition’ and ‘innovation’ especially in the rapidly changing environmental and socio-cultural circumstances in the different countries and regions across the circumpolar North provide the reader with a rich tapestry of accounts of applied practice and context-sensitive research. Although principally concerned with research and knowledge exchange in art and design education in the North and the Arctic, the contributors investigate issues and topics that may have a wider interest, for example, the sociocultural and political dimensions of living in rural places and urban settings in remote and peripheral areas in other parts of the world.

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