The purpose of the conference was to summarize the developments, to advance the scientific issues of psychological support and psychological support of professional activity in extreme conditions; further conceptualization in the sphere of human interaction with the environment and factors of work activity; discussion of modern approaches to the concept of extreme work, taking into account the poly-factorial negative impact of the environment on staff and total innovation.

The main directions of the conference:

1. Personality under extreme conditions of professional activity;

2. Problems of psychological preparation of the individual for extreme activities;

3. Professional and psychological selection of specialists for professions of extreme profile;

4. Personal safety in extreme environments;

5. Psychological support of labour in the Arctic;

6. Psychological support of the activities of professionals in emergency situations;

7. Prevention and correction of socio-psychological and personal deviations among workers in professions of extreme profile;

8. Professional destruction of personality;

9. Risks in professional activities;

10. Traditional types of labour among the indigenous population of the North and the Arctic;

11. Daily stress: differential psychological and regional aspects.

The conference brought together experts in the fields of occupational psychology, occupational medicine, occupational health, psychophysiology and psychotechnology from Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Arkhangelsk, Kostroma), Finland (Oulu) and Austria (Vienna). A total of 167 people attended the conference.

The conference program included plenary and breakout sessions, and a round table discussion “Extremeness at work is usual ... Points of control and intervention by a psychologist”.

The plenary session was devoted to dicussing the possibilities of psychological studying the phenomenon of professional career, everyday stressors, risks and methods of preventing the burnout syndrome when working on a rotational basis in the North, aspects of preserving professional health of employees in extreme conditions: assessment and management of psychosocial risks, physiological and hygienic aspects of labour activity in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation, etc.

The science sessions:

Session 1 "Personality under extreme conditions of professional activity"
Session 2 "Professional destruction of personality"
Session 3 "Risks in professional activities"

"Proceedings of the II International Scientific-Practical Conference "Psychology of Extreme Professions" (ISPCPEP 2019)" are available for free here.


The conference was held at the Northern (Arctic) Federal University and on the Solovetsky Archipelago (Arkhangelsk region, North-West Russia), with the financial support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

Read more about the conference here (English) and here (Russian)