The ceremony for the honorary doctors will takes place to morrow Sept 1st at 1100 hrs at Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, Adamstuen, Oslo, in presents of his highness King Harald of Norway.

Robert Corell will deliver his honorary doctoral lecture entitled. A Changing Artic: Turning Science into Policy and Action Thursday Sept 2nd in an open lecture at 10 hrs at Norwegian School of Veterinary, Adamstuen.

Professor Corell is an American climate scientist, who is deeply engaged in the impact of climate change on the Arctic environment and society. He has, among a large number of responsibilities within this field, served as chairman for the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment study, he is chair of the Climate Action Initiative and he also chaired the Vice president Al Gore and the Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre meeting, ”Melting Ice and Snow” in Tromsø last year. He has collaborated with reindeer herders and researchers in Kautokeino since 2000, and is now professor at the Institute of Circumpolar Reindeer Husbandry in Kautokeino, as part of Sami University College, International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry and the University of the Arctic. Robert Corell had the original idea to the EALÁT research project: Reindeer herders vulnerability networks study: Reindeer Pastoralism in a changing climate, in which the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science is one of the partners.Through his active and open engagement with Sami reindeer herders Corell made it possible for the voice of reindeer herders and other Arctic indigenous peoples to be heard for the first time at a high and international level. By doing so, he opened pathways for reindeer herders' traditional knowledge also on animal welfare and climate change to be heard and taken account of not only on the political sphere but also in rigorous scientific and academic spheres. As a direct result of his ability to promote and enable discourse between scientists and herders, herders were able to use their knowledge in collaboration with scientific knowledge and knowledge holders, leading to a process which has been more than fruitful. Corell has through his engagement been able to communicate to the world the rapid changes going on in the Arctic related climate change and effects of globalization.

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