The posters address the question: "Why, and how, are the polar regions and polar research important to all people on Earth?" These posters present and illustrate a broad sample of polar issues and facts - they
are a "textbook" for your wall.
There are five posters, with high-school age students as the main target group. Each poster stands on its own, but is recognizable as part of the series through the common design and elements. All the posters include illustrations and text highlighting the human dimension of the poster theme - showing how people are affected by polar science and issues and why they should care. The poster titles are:
- The Polar Regions,
- Climate Change and the Poles,
- Polar People,
- Research in the Polar Regions, and
- Biodiversity and the Poles.

Posters are available in high resolution and accessible formats, in English and Norwegian texts. For more information and to download the posters and graphics, please go to: