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Students on Ice Expeditions is now accepting applications for the International Polar Year (IPY) Antarctic University Expedition 2009, a two-week, ship-based, field course in Antarctica, 13-28 February 2009.
This expedition provides the opportunity to study in one of the most exceptional and remote places on Earth. The theme for this expedition is "Environmental Leadership," which will be explored through the history, culture, general science, and politics of Antarctica. One of the objectives of this expedition is to provide students from around the world the opportunity to bridge the gap between theory and practice by providing experiential learning and field experience during the early stages of their academic career. Once in Antarctic waters, all students will make frequent field trips to the Antarctic mainland via inflatable Zodiacs from the main ship. These landings will be supplemented by lectures and lab exercises in dedicated space aboard the expedition vessel, the M/V Ushuaia.

The IPY Joint Committee has endorsed the Antarctic University Expedition 2009. The expedition will have approximately 70 University students, and 19 University faculty, scientists, experts, and educators.

Undergraduate and graduate students from around the world and from any university can apply to embark on this first ever university expedition to Antarctica. The expedition provides firsthand experience of the effects of climate change and an increased awareness of the environmental issues facing our societies.

Currently, Students on Ice has four partner universities offering accredited courses during the expedition, University of Alberta, University of Northern British Columbia, the University of Ottawa, and Concordia University, which is also giving the opportunity to students to complete an internship during the expedition. The courses being offered during this expedition are in glaciology, Antarctic tourism, and practical study in Earth and atmospheric science. Faculty members from other universities will also be joining the expedition to participate in developing a long-term strategy and program for future university expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica.

Interested students, professors and sponsors are welcomed to contact us to participate in this extraordinary expedition. For more details please visit the expedition website:

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