Northern National College

Previously known as Professional Specialized School No. 26, the Northern National College is the only educational institution in the North-West of Russian Federation that offers training on traditional reindeer herding and adjoining trades. Our academic staff includes representatives of indigenous peoples of the North — the Saami people, the Komi people and the Nenets — training and educating students in local lore and national handicrafts.

Currently we have active educational campuses in Lovozero and Revda. There is also a dormitory for student housing in Revda.

The college has international relationships with the Educational Center for Sami Area (Inari, Finland), Saami Upper Secondary and Reindeer Husbandry School (Kautokeino, Norway), Sami high school (Karasjok, Norway), Finnbacksskolan (Lucksele, Sweden), Sami school (Jokkmokk, Sweden). Having an established framework of partnerships, Northern National College is able to hold and participate in international events and programs for students and teachers.

Facts and figures

Year Established 1974
Total Number of Staff 64
Number of Academic Staff 25
Number of Students 175
Focus Areas

Saami national crafts (soft and solid handicrafts)

Traditional reindeer herding

Mechanics, welding engineering and bench work

Service industry: cookery and merchandising

Small business management