Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (KarRC RAS) is a complex of research institutions with a common infrastructure which carry out basic and applied research intended to comprehensively study natural resources, to solve ecological, economic, power- engineering, social, language, historical, cultural and other problems of Republic of Karelia and adjacent territories.

The Centre comprises 8 institutes:

as well as a complex of subsidiary services.

The Centre employs 762 people including 383 researchers including Doctors (DSc) and candidates (PhD) of Science. Scientific institutions within KarRC of RAS are licensed to train doctoral students in 29 disciplines.

At the moment Karelian Research Centre is one of the leading scientific institutions in the North-West of Russia which carries out large-scale complex research which requires inter-disciplinary approach.

In order to deal with Arctic issues the non-profit Partnership “Centre for Problems of the North, Arctic and Cross-border Cooperation” (“North-Centre”) was established in 2009 under auspices of KarRC of RAS. “North-Centre” is an instrument to generate the basis for development and establishment of new mechanism of network cooperation aimed at support, coordination and promotion of the efficiency of scientific, educational, non-governmental, youth, political and commercial organizations and bodies in their activities dealing with topical problems of the North, the Arctic and border regions.

Facts and figures

Web http://www.krc.karelia.ru/index.php?&plang=e
Year Established 1930
Total Number of Staff 762
Number of Academic Staff 383
Focus Areas

Sustainable development

Mathematical and information modeling

Regional science and development

History, language, indigenous cultures