Baltic State Technical University

BSTU is a vivid representative of Russia engineering school. Its history originates from the Tsarevich Nicholas’ Crafts College founded in 1871. February 26, 1932, was transformed into the Military Mechanical Institute. In 1992, it was transformed into a state technical university, having state certification and accreditation. Over its 85-year history, the university has trained more than 100,000 first-class specialists. All the engineer-cosmonauts who were in space are our graduates, among them there are such famous cosmonauts as Sergei Krikalev, Andrei Borisenko, Georgy Grechko.

The cooperation between BSTU and Nord University in Bodø (Norway) in the field of science, business and education began in 1991 and successfully continues to the present. Many projects were initiated over the years of cooperation, which resulted in:

  • hundreds of graduates working in business, politics, science and public sector;
  • international educational programs at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate (PhD) level;
  • institutes and research projects.

The importance and high results of our cooperation have been repeatedly noted in the Norwegian government, and BSTU was visited by the Prime Minister of Norway, Mr. Stoltenberg, in 2001, by the Minister of Education of Norway, Mr. Djupedal, in 2006, and by Crown Prince of Norway Haakon in 2014.

Fundamental library: 1 100 000 volumes, 7 reading rooms.

Dormitories: 3 for 1800 places. Rooms are for 1-5 people.

Sports complex: boxing, wrestling, weightlifting halls, rowing club, gym. There are 3 recreation centers, including a ski center and sports facilities. There is a mountaineering and climbing section at the University.

Facts and figures

Year Established 1932
Total Number of Staff 1000
Number of Academic Staff 520
Number of Students 6000
Focus Areas

Aviation and Rocketry, Laser and Space Systems, Information and Computers, Management, Theoretical and Applyed Linquistics, etc.