Higher School of Innovation Management

The Higher School of innovative management supervised by the Head of Republic Sakha (Yakutia) is the leading educational vocational center founded in the Russian Far East, which is aimed to use and apply innovative technologies. The graduates of the school are inspired to apply their solid knowledge in public administration, LME, non-commercial sector. From the year of its foundation, due to its goals, the Higher School of Innovative management (HSIM) has been integrating educational and scientific processes composed by highly developed technologies. Scientific researches and consulting are to be implemented in following fields:

- personnel development in public administration;

- innovative management and consulting on strategic management of enterprises. HSIM employees and coaches are involved in creating and implementing the region's personnel development, have a great experience in collaborating with the government bodies, enterprises and efficiently apply their researches. Most of HSIM students are adults, employees who improve their skills for practical work. Thus, HSIM has a solid experience and resources for successful educational work and research, including business consulting. HSIM is designed to implement its projects in order to develop management technologies in the conditions of the North and Arctic. For instance, the educational programs "The northern accelerator" (designed to help start-upers and SME to successfully develop their business ideas and projects on the market) and educational program "Innovative management" which is designed to improve skills and knowledge of top managers and employees of government institutes, enterprises, non commercial sector. The key advantages of HSIM are: providing knowledge which will have a good value for employees' practical work, cooperating with well-known and world top business coaches, consultants and professors, great amount of graduates who are responsible for participating in key decision making process for region's economic and social development, and who can be involved in HSIM postgraduate projects.

Facts and figures

Web https://www.vshim.ru/
Year Established 1998
Total Number of Staff 47
Number of Academic Staff 20
Number of Students 3000
Focus Areas

Northern wellbeing and changing work

Sustainable development, law and equality

Innovation management technologies