Barguzinsky State Nature Biosphere Reserve and Zabaikalsky National Park

Federal State Establishment "United administration of Barguzinsky State Nature Biosphere Reserve and Zabaikalsky National Park" ("Zapovednoe Podlemorye")  is a conservation, research, environmental education organization that manages three protected areas: Barguzinsky State Nature Biosphere Reserve (374,000 ha), and Zabaikaklsky National Park (269,000 hectares) and Frolikhinsky State Federal Wildlife Sanctuary (109,000 ha). These protected areas are located on the north-eastern shore of Lake Baikal, on the western macroslope of Barguzinsky Ridge and on the Svyatoi Nos Peninsula. Lake Baikal water area includes Chivyrkyisky Bay, part of Barguzinsky Bay and a three km zone along the core of Barguzinsky Nature Reserve. All altitudinal belts from the coast of Lake Baikal to highlands are presented here.

Fundamental research topics cover inventory of biota, long-term monitoring of natural complexes and features (series of observations lasting for 25-60 years), applied research is turned to protected area management, conservation of rare and endangered species of plants and animals, restoration of natural complexes in terms of the cultural tourism and recreation. Annually educational field trips for Russian and foreign students take place, joint research projects are conducted with Russian and foreign universities, and other research organizations.

See beautiful pictures from our protected areas here:

Here you can find live broadcast of seals on the Ushkany Islands (accessible from the end of Spring).

Facts and figures

Year Established 2012
Total Number of Staff 137
Number of Academic Staff 10