Université de Sherbrooke

Since its creation, the Université de Sherbrooke has stood out. The research projects conducted emerge from a will to find solutions to current issues; to make a real impact on the community.

Located in one of the most dynamic university cities in the region, it comfortably competes with universities in major centres. Throughout the years, it has been the source of remarkable advances in research while remaining faithful to and rooted in its values: Sustainable development, equity, diversity, and inclusion; and ongoing collaboration with its community and partners.

This proximity to its community has allowed the Université de Sherbrooke to gain its unique ranking of excellence! Professors come from far and wide to settle here and are met with an incomparable research ecosystem, an ideal living environment.

Facts and figures

Web https://www.usherbrooke.ca
Year Established 1954
Total Number of Staff 7398
Number of Academic Staff 4076
Number of Students 31328
Focus Areas

Research inevitably leads to the advancement of knowledge. But is this the only role of academic research?

At the UdeS, we strongly believe that this knowledge must in turn influence practices in society. We provide our community with concrete means to propel their research activities and solve complex problems. We foster multidisciplinary approaches and share a common vision and values.

This UdeS-specific inclusive model naturally contributed to our reputation for excellence in specific fields. Today, they make up our unifying themes:

The Environment and Climate Change
Digital Age: Intelligent Organizations and Training
Innovative Materials/Processes and Quantum Science
Health: Promotion, Prevention and Precision Approaches
Population Aging
Togetherness: Culture, Plurality, Governance and Equity