• Arctic Council asks Circumpolar Universities Association (CUA) for a feasibility study on an Arctic university.



  • CUA working group submits Final Report to the Arctic Council.

  • Arctic Council Iqaluit Declaration announces the "establishment of the University of the Arctic, a university without walls..."
  • Interim Council of the University of the Arctic formed; first meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska.



  • UArctic Circumpolar Coordination Office (later the UArctic International Secretariat) established in Rovaniemi, Finland.



  • Release of UArctic Integrated Plan, detailing program implementation of Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies, Arctic Learning Environment, and Circumpolar Mobility Program (later named north2north).



  • Official launch of the University of the Arctic, in Rovaniemi, Finland.



  • First students take Circumpolar Studies courses.

  • First students participate in pilot exchanges in north2north program.

  • Lars Kullerud appointed first UArctic Director (later President).

  • UArctic is granted official observer status at the Arctic Council.



  • UArctic Undergraduate Office established at University of Saskatchewan, Canada to coordinate Circumpolar Studies program and delivery.



  • UArctic north2north Mobility Office established at Finnmark University College, Norway (now part of UiT - The Arctic University of Norway).



  • UArctic publishes the Strategic Plan 2005-2010, endorsing Thematic Networks as core program activities.

  • Thematic Coordination Office established at Thule Institute, University of Oulu, Finland.

  • Planning begins for UArctic’s participation in the International Polar Year.



  • UArctic Russian Information Center established at Sakha State University, Yakutsk, Russia (now North-Eastern Federal University).

  • First degree graduates of Circumpolar Studies program.



  • First UArctic Rectors' Forum held at Dartmouth College, USA.

  • UArctic participation in International Polar Year 2007-2008.



  • Establishment of UArctic Catalog Office, to develop what is now the UArctic Studies Catalogue (education.uarctic.org).



  • Publication of UArctic Strategic Plan 2009-2014.

  • GoNorth program established to support joint marketing, promotion and student recruitment efforts of UArctic member higher education institutions.



  • Jan Henry Keskitalo appointed as UArctic’s first Vice-President Indigenous.

  • UArctic Research Office established at the Northern (Arctic) Federal University in Arkhangelsk, Russia.



  • UArctic celebrates 10th anniversary at Council meeting in Lapland, Finland.

  • First non-Arctic members join UArctic.

  • IASC, IASSA, and UArctic sign agreement on research cooperation in the Arctic



  • UArctic conducts External Review of its organization and activities, preceding the development of its next Strategic Plan.



  • UArctic publishes its Strategic Plan 2020, reinforcing UArctic as a network organization that supports cooperative activities of its members in order to better serve the Circumpolar North.



  • Relaunch of the UArctic website, including a new student-focussed portal and UArctic Study Catalogue.

  • New management structure, with President and Vice-Presidents Academic, Organization, Research, Interregional Cooperation, Indigenous, and Finance.

  • Student Ambassador program launched.



  • Kingdom of Denmark (Denmark, Greenland, Faroe Islands) joins the north2north student mobility program.





  • UArctic becomes UNESCO partner organization.
  • Marks 20 years since the idea of the University of the Arctic was first proposed to the Arctic Council.




  • UArctic Association ry established and registered as non-profit in Finland.