Scott Forrest
Scott Forrest - Chief Communications Officer University of Lapland
Responsibility areas: Strategic coordination of UArctic's communications and information services, including member networking support, web development and content, online communication, social media, brand image and print publications.
Kirsi Latola
Kirsi Latola - Vice-President Networks University of Oulu
Responsibility areas: Main contact point for UArctic Thematic Networks and Institutes. from planning to proposal and establishment and operation of the network. Supports Thematic Networks in their activities including strategies for fundraising. Promotes Thematic Networks and their activities to the wider public.
Heli Niittynen
Heli Niittynen - UArctic Thematic Networks Office University of Oulu
Responsibility areas: UArctic Research Infrastructure Catalogue, Thematic Networks and other UArctic webpages administration, promotion and information services related to UArctic Thematic Networks and Research Liaison office activities.
Janette Peltokorpi
Janette Peltokorpi - Director of Governance and Finance Support University of Lapland
Responsibility areas: UArctic governance processes, including administrative support for the Governance bodies of UArctic, legal and financial registrations and reporting, and overseeing the membership fee process.
Pirkko Pulkkanen
Pirkko Pulkkanen - Manager of International Projects University of Lapland
Responsibility areas: Coordination of UArctic international projects, especially focusing on mobility and planning support for UArctic meetings.
Hannele Palviainen
Hannele Palviainen - Fundraising Communications Specialist University of Lapland
Responsibility areas: coordination and development of UArctic fundraising communications; Managing Editor of UArctic's annual Shared Voices Magazine.
Isabelle Guissard
Isabelle Guissard - Vice-President Mobility UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Provides strategic leadership for all of UArctic's mobility related activities. Management and international coordination of the north2north mobility program, guidance to new north2north member institutions.
Natalia Nikolaeva
Natalia Nikolaeva - Member Engagement Coordinator University of Lapland
Responsibility areas: Maintaining and updating member profiles and Study Catalogue; Developing member engagement and communications tools; Managing UArctic social media and news; Creating promotional content.