UArctic Membership Fee 2014

UArctic's Annual Membership Fee

In 2013, both the Board and the Council of UArctic agreed to increase UArctic's annual membership fee utilising a tiered approach based on the value of a member institutions' / organisations' annual operating budget. Beginning in 2014 the following annual membership fee system with three membership fee categories will be implemented:

  • For members with a 2013 annual operating budget of less than EUR 10 million, the annual fee is EUR 500.00.
  • For members with a 2013 annual operating budget of greater than EUR 10 million, but less than EUR 100 million, the annual fee is EUR 1,000.00.
  • For members with a 2013 annual operating budget greater than EUR 100 million, the annual fee is EUR 3,000.00.

In approving the change to UArctic's membership fee, the President of UArctic established implementation principles (Annex 1), which include:

  • Members that are a subsidiary entity of a larger institution or organisation (e.g. independent institute, branch campus, faculty, department or unit), the fee calculation will be based on the annual operating budget of the subsidiary entity.
  • Prior to invoicing, members will be asked to update their UArctic membership profile, including the approximate value of their annual operating budget. If a value has not been provided by a member representative, then it will either be obtained from information in the public domain (e.g. website, internet or publication) or established to be in the lowest fee category (i.e. < EUR 10 million).
  • New members are to pay their first membership fee in the year that they become a member of UArctic.
  • The current method of granting full or partial fee waivers (i.e. payment reduction or full exemption) to any member upon request shall be maintained, with all members informed of this alternative.
  • Both the payment of fees and requests for the waiving of fees are regarded as fulfilment of the annual membership fee obligation by a member.

In settling the membership fee, the following options are also available to members:

Invoice Request: This year members are guided to our UArctic fee payment web-page where member specific invoice can be requested. Included in each invoice will be full payment details for making a cross-border bank transfer. Note: Please be sure to select the appropriate fee category that applies to your institution or organisation. 

Credit Card: It is also possible to make payments using a Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Debit, EuroCard and MasterCard credit cards. This year members will be guided to a UArctic fee payment web-page where the card payment option can be selected.

Payment by Cheque: Although payment can be made by personal or company cheque, this method is not recommended as it will involve considerable delays and surcharges. Still should this be the chosen method of payment, then in addition to the membership fee an additional surcharge of 0.25% or €11.00 Euros (which ever is greater) must be added to the total (e.g. for each fee category = Euro €511; €1011; €3011).

Russian UArctic Members: Now have the possibility to pay directly to a Russian bank account within Russia (SBERBANK / Сбербанк). The account holder is the Northern Arctic Federal University (NArFU), host institution of the UArctic's Research Office. Full bank transfer details can be downloaded here. For this, payments are to be made in Rubles based on the current exchange rate indicated by the Central Bank of Russia (check their site for details 

Waiver Request: Also, if for whatever reason member institutions or organisations are unable to pay the annual membership fee, then a formal written request for the full or partial waiving (i.e. payment reduction or full exemption) of the annual fee will need to be sent to the UArctic International Secretariat. A copy of the waiver request template document is available for download here

Additional information details for international / cross-border bank transfers:

Account holder information
: University of Lapland, Yliopistonkatu 8, FI-96101 Rovaniemi, Finland. 

Bank address: Pohjolan Osuuspankki, Teollisuuskatu 1 B, FI-00510 Helsinki, Finland.

Account reference: IBAN FI90 5640 0220 2453 23; CHIPS-UID: 010486; SWIFT code: OKOYFIHH

For transfer payments made in US Dollars, please instruct your bank to forward payment orders through:
    JP Morgan Chase Bank NA 
    New York, USA
    ABA 021000021
    BIC code: CHASUS33    

Contact Information:

For assistance with payments, contact either:                

Jenni Sjöman                                      
International Relations Secretary                                                                
UArctic International Secretariat, University of Lapland                                            
Tel. +358 40 484 4464                                                           

or in Russia:

Olga Klisheva
UArctic Research Office, Northern Arctic Russian Federal University
Tel. 8 (8182) 41 28 25

For assistance with waiver requests, contact:

Pierre-André Forest
Senior Administrator
UArctic International Secretariat
Tel. +358 400 573 712